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Fall / Winter Collection

Comfort and coverage were top priority when I began looking for a hat line for my boutique.  I took my niece Jill with me, who had recently lost her hair due to chemo treatments so I could get her opinion.  She tried on each and every hat that I carry in my shop to make sure they are all comfortable and give good coverage insuring protection from the extreme elements in our area through each season.  

Betmar Hats

Tickled Pink is proud to offer the Betmar hat line of New York. A business that began in 1933 and is still going strong because they continue to put out quality products.  Betmar combines casual, classic and fashionable styles for spring and fall.  Detail is important to me; this is what sold me on their designs.  What really surprised me was the fact that these hats were not made exclusively for patients without hair because of the soft comfortable fit!  Betmar hats look and feel lovely on everyone.

Hats with Heart

Hats with Heart is a company that is well known for their quality and comfort. Their products are made exclusively with the chemo patient in mind.  

Tickled Pink Hats

Tickled Pink, my supplier from Washington State, is a family owned business that offers quality hats that are fun, fashionable, affordable and above all, comfortable. 

Call for an appointment and bring a friend to try on the many fun styles that we have in stock!